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HEIGHTSWORK (Pvt) Ltd is a Rope Access company located in Colombo Sri Lanka. We are proud to offer the highest quality Rope Access services in the region. HEIGHTSWORK’s mission is to provide consistent exceptional service using only environmentally friendly products. We guarantee a sparkling shine every time without any negative impact on the environment. HEIGHTSWORK’s cutting-edge innovative cleaning methods and rope access techniques will ensure that all unique and challenging architectural details are managed safely and affordably.

Our Services

Window Cleaning

Enhance the image your property presents to the world with properly cleaned windows. Overhangs, balconies, all-glass facades and more, our experienced team can manage the unique challenges of any property. We’ll get the job done safely and get it done right… the first time.

Building Inspection

Our rope access technicians can safely and affordably provide a bird’s eye view of a building’s exterior for engineering consultants. High quality visual records and repeatable documentation of conditions assist with evaluations, estimates and investigations

Rope Access

Of the buildings we maintain, more and more are only permitted rope access because its proven to be safer, more cost effective and allows for more technical, advanced manoeuvres without the negative effects on the body or the surrounding environment.


Driving technology for leading brands

Our multinational team members are trained to meet international standards and guidelines, such as British Standards, API Standards, LOLER, OSHA, LEEA, IRATA etc. Well Experienced in industrial Rope Access.

             The Licensed Rope Access Company​

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